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Meta Meta Monkey Punk brings you gorgeous shit in order to fund the fight against disinformation and the lurch to the right - in Australia and globally.

We began as the world's first distributed newsroom - still going strong, and comprising over 200 academics and news junkies aggregating, commenting on, & fact-checking the news.

And now it's time to grow!

We're about to launch our own dedicated news site - Meta Meta Monkey Punk News!

And we're always about doing things differently: hence our novel pricing model that asks you to pay what you can. You can read more here.

We're also committed to supporting others in the Oz indy media space. Via donations, we support quality independent journalism, analysis, comedy, music and activism - such as The Juice Media, Slackbastard, Independent Australia, Ingrid M, Mad Fucking Witches, Class War, Friendly Jordies, and many more.

The world can seem daunting right now. Meta Meta Monkey Punk is here to help!