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Pricing, Returns, & shipping


We’re doing pricing differently: we’re going on the honour system! Basically, we have 3 pricing tiers:

  1. Honour: please ONLY choose this option if you’re doing it tough and really need to. It’s the lowest price we can offer without losing a ton of money. For obvious reasons, we can’t accept returns or exchanges unless the item is faulty.
    Use the code: HONOUR at checkout to get 18% off the marked price
  2. Standard: this is what we’d charge everyone under a conventional pricing system. If you’re not happy with your purchase, get in touch with us to organise a store credit.
    Use the code: STANDARD at checkout to get 10% off the marked price
  3. Premium: this is a chance to pay it forward! 
    If you choose this option, you’ll help us offer the honour pricing to people who are doing it tough. And added to that, we’ll chuck in a happiness guarantee: if you don’t love the item, get in touch with us for an exchange or a full refund
      • Because most items are made to order, they'll take between 14 days and 20 days to get to you. If it's taking any longer, get in touch with us

      • If your item is faulty, please photograph it within 14 days of receipt, send the photo to info[at], and we will organise the return and a full refund

      • All Meta Meta Monkey Punk gear is sold in the service of counter disinformation. Every time you make a purchase, you’re funding the propagation of evidence-based info in a fun, easy to digest form at Meta Meta Monkey Punk News -

        We also regularly pay it forward by supporting brilliant Oz indy media, like The Juice, Slack Bastard, Ingrid M, Friendly Jordies, and many more.